Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A new website for Polly J Adams #erotica #authors

At last, I have my very own website, over at www.pollyjadams.com!

As part of that, this blog is moving, too. The new address is http://blog.pollyjadams.com/

All the old content has moved there, and there will be no new blog posts here at Blogspot after this one.

So how about a quick guided tour of the new site?

Well there's the blog, for starters, and I'll be continuing with the usual extracts, author interviews and news, but there's far more. I have to say that it looks great, and I'm hugely grateful to my support team for their efforts.

There are lots of ways to explore the site. The home page will always feature my latest books, but you can also click through to see all of the erotic romance books by PJ Adams, and all the explicit erotica by Polly J Adams. You can see a fab cover gallery: all the covers displayed in a random order each time you visit - roll over the images to see them in all their glory. You can view books by categories, including bondage and rough sex, suspense, and foreplay and seduction. One of my favourite features is the word cloud of keywords associated with each book.

As you might be able to tell, I'm very excited by it all!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Character interview: meet Willem Bentinck-Stanley from The Object of His Desire

Now this was a fun one to write!

When the lovely Nitzan at Drugs Called Books asked if I could provide a character interview for my guest Insatiable Reads post, I had two obvious choices.

I could do a straight interview with the protagonist of The Object of His Desire, Trudy Parsons - a young American woman who gets caught up in murderous intrigue and scandal in the heart of the British Establishment.

Or I could write an interview with Willem Bentinck-Stanley, a man who - with good reason - guards his privacy fiercely. He's had bad experiences with the press and his past scandals have taken a lot of burying out of the public gaze. Why would a man like Will consent to being interviewed, and what would he ever reveal to a journalist?

Guess which way I went?

Character interview: meet Willem Bentinck-Stanley from PJ Adams' The Object of His Desire